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I use these drops on my beard religiously. It gives my face such a cooling feeling. All my nasty hair bumps and sores are gone from the natural ingredients.

Stamford, Conneticut

Heliska J.

I started using the Hair Drops and the Turmeric Clary Sage Soap. The soap started clearing up my red and dark spots within a few days. I've been using this oil 2 1/2 weeks and the results are amazing, on my second bottle excited to see what another 2 1/2 will look like.Thank you Jevidy

Hallandale Beach, Florida

Tiana A.

Journey to waist length hair. This hair oil is liquid gold for real, my hair grew 6-7 inches in only two months with this all natural product, I love it

Miami, Florida

I love this product and am never going to stop using this all natural oil for my beard and hairline. This is a well made product that does what it is intended to do. This make me so happy that a product like this is on the market for people who enjoy the all natural products. ...the scalp oil is the real deal. Jevidy!!!! You’re for the people!

Bronx, New York

Kathleen R.

I love Jevidy's Hair Products, does my hair wonders. My hair was always dry but after using her hair care system. My hair looks juicy

Southbury, Conneticut


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